Working with small business owners to help transform their online presence.

“Laurie’s biggest strength is strategy. She’s great at creating a plan that’s based on data and insights. She was instrumental in reversing negative trends in the New York market.”

- Christy Johnson, Vice President, North American Marketing, Papa John's

“Laurie is great. She’s been thoughtful and strategic and easy to work with. Since she came onboard our followers have grown by over 20%. We’re thrilled (and incredibly lucky!) to have her onboard!”

- Patty Schumann, YoFiFest Co-founder and Director

Through a well-planned sequence of calls, Laurie helped us develop a strategy to maximize impact and build an audience. Upbeat and encouraging throughout, she made the work fun as well as informative. Much gratitude!”

- Cathy L., 350Madison

Here to help.

Social media can feel overwhelming and frustrating at times. I spoke to a new client recently who said she felt unfulfilled because no matter what she did, she wasn’t getting any traction on social media and I felt her pain. When you’re working every day and not getting results, you want to quit. Having a plan for social media is no different than following a map for your road trip. You know where you’re going. You’ll get there quicker and get back on track when you take a wrong turn. I learned about strategy and research from my time in corporate marketing and it’s one of my favorite things to do in social media. I’m here to help and get you back on track!

What I like about social media for small business owners.

  • EVERY small business can compete.
  • You don’t need to be a big company or have a big budget.
  • It’s measurable. You don’t have to wait until a campaign ends to change it or to know if it’s working.
  • It’s a conversation that rewards listening over talking!

We are pioneers!

My goal is to work with small business owners to help improve your online presence – either by coaching and training, or managing it for you. Social media and online marketing isn’t just the future of marketing anymore. According to Magna research, in 2017, advertisers spent more on digital than traditional TV advertising! It’s also hard to believe but social media is still pretty young. Instagram is only 10 years old so consider yourself a pioneer for being on social media right now. There’s no better time to get it right than now.

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